Band Audition Information 2022

Auditions will be in-person on Saturday, May 7, between 9:30am-2:00pm. Sign-up link for a performance time slot HERE. There are separate time slots for brass and woodwind; please sign up accordingly.

Tip: please take your time preparing (set daily and weekly goals to achieve your best performance); let your band director and/or private lesson teacher help you.

Woodwinds – Instructions

Use a metronome for #1-3. You may perform #4 without.

  1. Perform three (3) Major Scales, as many octaves as possible, of your choice – Tongue Up, Slur Down
  2. Perform the Chromatic Scale at least two (2) octaves – Tongue Up, Slur Down
  3. Perform the excerpt(s) listed for your instrument – perform as much of each excerpt as you can
    • For clarinet and bass clarinet, play any 2 of the 3 excerpts
  4. Optional (encouraged) – Perform a short (30-60 second) excerpt of your own choice
    • For example, part of a solo you’ve previously prepared, part of a district or region band etude, or another piece you feel demonstrates your strengths and talents

Brass – Instructions in the document


Percussion students will complete their audition by performing for Mr. Lampert. The links below include the music.

Hello everyone,

I am super excited to meet all of the incoming percussion students. I wanted to provide some additional information regarding our May 7th percussion auditions as well as the general overview of our April 21st , 22nd, and 23rd spring band camp.

Everyone is expected to prepare all audition music that is required for their instrument. For the new students this may seem like a lot to learn but I have some good news – all of the audition music will be covered during our spring band camp. We will be walking everyone through the exercises in the audition packet, talking about the technique that is required to play the audition music, and more. It will be a chance for all the incoming students to meet our current members of the percussion section. In addition we may take the time to learn some of our cadences that we play during the football season as well as our school fight song.


Auditions will be held on May 7th at LASA High School ***ALL INSTRUMENTS WILL BE PROVIDED***

All the instruments that are available within our percussion section include: Marching Snare Drum, Marching Tenor Drums, Marching Bass Drums, Mallet Percussion, Synthesizer/Piano, and Auxiliary Percussion.

Anyone auditioning for a spot on a mallet instrument must know how to hold 4 mallets ***this will be covered during our spring band camp*** Anyone audition for a marching instrument must know how to mark time ***this will be covered during our spring band camp*** and must be able to carry the instrument.

Sign-ups will be sent out for audition slots. Please arrive 15 min before your chosen time slot to get to the school and get ready. After the auditions, results will be sent out as soon as possible.

Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns,

Mr. Lampert