Marching Band

Our largest performing ensemble, the LASA Raptor Band performs at football games, competes in marching band contests, and performs for the public at special events, like the Texas Independence Day Parade.

It is comprised of woodwinds, brass, percussion, and colorguard sections, all contributing to the success of the group.

Wind Ensemble

Our most advanced, top-tier performance group is comprised of students with an advanced level of technical and expressive skill.

Symphonic Band

Our 2nd-tier performance group is comprised of students with an increased level of technical and expressive skill.

Concert Band

Our 1st-tier performance group is comprised of students with a solid foundation of technical and expressive skill, primarily learned in middle school band.

Jazz Band

Carrying on the tradition of America’s original art form, the Jazz Band meets during the school day as a for-credit class. Due to LASA magnet endorsement class requirements, this group is typically comprised of 11th and 12th graders, though some exceptions may allow for lower grade level entry. Most students are required to be concurrently enrolled in a concert band class with the Jazz Band class.

Stage Band

Serving as the ensemble for interested students to learn and perform jazz music, the Stage Band is typically comprised of 9th and 10th grade students, as well as upper grade level students who aren’t able to fit the for-credit Jazz Band class in their schedule. This group typically meets once a week after school beginning in November.


We use the term “concert band” to refer to the on-stage groups: Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and Concert Band. For example, when we speak of being in “a concert band class”, we are indicating Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, or Concert Band.